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Sat., Aug. 13, 2011

Options for fighting proposed home

Upon returning from an extended vacation I have learned that the Spokane Valley City Council has succeeded in making a mockery of the Constitution of these United States.

Council’s action was tantamount to a “slap in the face” of all members of the “Greatest Generation.”

Mayor Towey said that he has lost sleep over this. Well, Mayor, at least you had a roof over your head.

Councilman Grafos read from a prepared statement. Could it be that the “old boys club” had decided the vote a long time ago? This certainly would give Mr. Grafos time to prepare.

Mr. Grafos went on to say that the building would be nearly the size of a football field. An American football field is 120 yards long by 53  1/3 yards wide. What a snow job in the middle of July. Transposing yards to feet (Realtors measure by feet, not yards) that would equate a building 160 feet by 360 feet.

There is recourse.

One, the concerned citizens can let the Council know of their displeasure. I don’t advocate this. It would just put a burden on the city clerk. She doesn’t need this and the Council probably wouldn’t read them.

Two, there is the ballot box. Do your own research and exercise your right to vote.

Three, there is the court. My recommendation is to turn to the Becket Fund. This, of course, is a matter for St. John Vianney and Catholic Charities to decide.

To quote baseball’s great Yogi Berra, “It ain’t over until it’s over.”

Bill Mihalic

Spokane Valley

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