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Sat., Aug. 13, 2011

No faith in survey

Penny Lancaster’s Aug. 3 letter claiming that the “We Believe - We Vote” survey can help voters “determine which candidates would better represent the faith community” is a pitiful joke.

Aside from the fact that many of us Christians (let alone Jews, Muslims and other people of faith) do not accept Lancaster’s homophobic tea party perspective of what constitutes the “faith community,” many of the survey questions have nothing to do with either religious faith or the issues that will face Spokane’s elected officials. Some of the goofier “agree/disagree” examples:

• Cap and trade taxes on fossil fuels are NOT needed as a means of reducing carbon emission.

• Gun control laws are adequate so there is no need for state Legislature to expand regulations.

• A two-thirds majority in both houses should be required to add new taxes.

• Washington state should grant health care benefits and other assistance to illegal immigrants.

• The “don’t ask, don’t tell” military policy should not have been repealed.

• Abortion should be outlawed, except when saving the life of the mother.

There are other examples, but those are all space permits here. Nonetheless, Penny, misleading voters hardly seems like “Christian” behavior.

James McPherson


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