BBB Tip of the Week

SUNDAY, AUG. 14, 2011

This week I was surprised to receive the following call from a gentleman:

Consumer: “Can you tell me why I’m not receiving my email?”

Me: “No. Have you tried contacting your Internet service provider?”

Consumer: “Yes, and they said they had no idea. That’s why I’m calling you.”

Questions outside BBB purview:

• Is it illegal to discriminate against someone based on their religion?

• Can you give me a list of all the businesses in Spokane County?

• What are the symptoms of pancreatic cancer?

• What is the age requirement to be drug-tested at your place of work without your parents’ consent?

• Which cruise lines go to Alaska?

• Can you tell me some orchards in the Tri-Cities that would ship fruit to individuals?

• I want to start a business. What kind? I don’t know. Can a felon get a bond?

• Do you have copies of all my medical bills? But I know you can see my credit report. Isn’t it on there?

We frequently get calls from folks who clearly aren’t sure what we do. We don’t mind helping when we can. Here is a brief guide to Better Business Bureau services:

What the BBB is: The BBB is not a government agency. We can’t answer legal questions. We were started in 1912 by business owners to increase marketplace trust and keep advertising fair. We are always happy to direct you to the appropriate agency for assistance.

Trouble at work? Your state department of Labor & Industries is your resource for employer/employee issues. If your complaint came about in process of working for a company, contact L&I. No computer? Call us: We’ll look up the number.

Contact our office when: You have a complaint  about a business transaction with a company located in Eastern Washington, North Idaho or Montana, which isn’t getting resolved.

More info or report scams: Visit Or call (509)455-4200 or (800) 356-1007.

Holly Doering,

Better Business Bureau

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