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Sun., Aug. 14, 2011

Welcome to our weekly news quiz. For a longer, interactive challenge – and a chance for lunch for two at Clinkerdagger – go online to /newsquiz

1. The fastest- growing job classification in Spokane County is

A. Medical technician

B. Call-center phone operator

C. Debt collector

D. Security guard

E. None of the above. All job classifications in the county are shrinking.

2. The trophy for the unlimited hydroplane races at Seafair, named after a local sponsor, is called

A. The Boeing Cup

B. The Cup

C. The Albert Lee Cup

D. The Weyerhaeuser Cup

E. The Starbucks Venti Triple Latte Cup

3. California became the ninth state to pass a law awarding its Electoral College votes to the presidential candidate who wins the national popular vote. Which state has not passed a similar law?

A. Washington

B. Oregon

C. Hawaii

D. New Jersey

E. Can’t fool me. They’ve all passed that law.

4. A special sperm bank in South Africa is part of an international effort to preserve

A. Elephants

B. Pygmy hippos

C. Lowland gorillas

D. Okapis

E. Great auks

5. Travis Sneed made headlines this week as

A. A candidate for Spokane City Council who didn’t file his campaign reports

B. An actor starring in a local production of “The Sound of Music”

C. The founder of a new tech company in the Spokane Valley

D. A con man sentenced to five years for fraud

E. None of the above. You made that name up.

Check your work

Find answers and last week’s winner on Page A6.

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