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The Slice: ‘Serenity now’ seems more appropriate

No one is saying boating is for older people.

But “Serenity,” which tops one 2011 list of popular boat names, is also a leading brand of bladder control pads.

Let’s move on.

Slice answer: “Here in Endicott, the arrival of the Good Paper between 5 and 7 a.m. is usually unheralded,” wrote Bob Curry. “But on occasion, one or more of my wife’s five dogs can sense the proximity of the guy in his tiny black car with the huge dog in the back seat. Yes, wild barking ensues.”

Your garden’s No. 1 enemy: Mary Tate said it’s her produce-loving dogs, Sable and Goldie. Their unauthorized snacking includes cherries, apples, pears, lettuce, tomatoes and raspberries.

Slice answer: Several readers agreed that grandmothers run Spokane. But Mike Storms argued that real estate developers do. So just consider the clout wielded by grandmothers who are developers.

Music to do chores by: Electrician Neil Verduin likes to listen to bluegrass while making out invoices. Jan Stone thinks of Bert Kaempfert’s “That Happy Feeling” as her housework song. Judi Durfee goes with Neil Diamond’s album “Beautiful Noise.”

Dick Jeltsch likes to play the Beatles’ “Abbey Road” while washing his car.

Slice answer: “The last time I went skinny-dipping was in 2007 at a lake in the Sawtooth Mountains Wilderness,” wrote Ken Stout, a truck driver who won’t mind if I note that he’s pretty straight-laced.

“You might say, ‘Aren’t you a little old for that juvenile behavior?’ But being that far out in God’s beautiful creation, it seemed just the right thing to do.”

More on what kids eat at grandma’s: “My parents watch my girls for a few hours each morning and always offer them breakfast,” wrote Tammy McQuaig. “Each morning the girls have the same. The 7-year-old eats Ramen and the 4-year-old eats a hot dog and popcorn.”

The other day this breakfast fare was supplemented with brownies.

“Grandparents and a balanced diet don’t really go together,” said McQuaig. “Grandparents and spoiling do.”

Today’s Slice question: How would you describe your personal relationship with garlic?

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