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State abused authority

This is my personal response to the brief article concerning me and my former business of 15 years, Harmony Adult Family Homes.

Residential Care Services, not the Department of Health, as the July 16 article said, revoked the license of Harmony AFH. DOH revoked my nursing assistant registration, (21 hr. class). The paper came across that I was a nurse. Not so.

The state has clearly abused its authority concerning these two 100 percent aboveboard and properly documented loans. There were no secrets here. These residents, their family, guardian and an attorney support system knew and approved of the transactions.

There was absolutely no financial exploitation of any kind. The state insists that all residents in an AFH are vulnerable no matter what. My interpretation to that is, “All AFH residents are not capable of making their own decisions in any area of their personal lives.”

I shared the report and my rebuttal with many logical people: 95 percent disagreed with the state! It is a shame that 12 residents, 10 employees are displaced and two great Adult Family Homes are out of business over this.

The state inspectors often expressed to me, personally, “That we provide excellent care to our residents!”


Thomas Stradling



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