August 18, 2011 in Letters, Opinion

Police shatter confidence


I’ve been struggling with this letter most of the day because 200 words are just not enough to express my profound disappointment with the developments in Mr. Otto Zehm’s case. In the past, I’ve written to offer support of our police because of the firsthand knowledge I have regarding how difficult and dangerous the job is, but that loyalty has been shattered by the way Mr. Zehm’s case was handled.

We now know that Officer Karl Thompson did not act according to police policy and that in fact a cover-up at the highest levels in our city government was perpetuated. Adding to that indignity, Thompson still receives $76,000 a year and we taxpayers are paying his legal fees. Really.

When a police officer lies it is an affront to thousands who serve honorably. When those who supervise them lie or protect them in any way from the just consequences of their bad behavior, it is an affront to the community.

Chief Anne Kirkpatrick is right – if you lie, you die. So, goodbye Chief Kirkpatrick, Assistant Chief Jim Nicks and Karl Thompson.

Joseph J. Ford


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