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The Slice: ‘Garlic eaters?’ It’s a wonderful expression

Remember in “It’s a Wonderful Life,” when mean old Mr. Potter dismisses those arranging home loans through George Bailey as “a bunch of garlic eaters”?

No doubt he intended that as a slur. But his expression could describe a broad cross-section of Spokane-area residents. We have some serious garlic fans here.

“I love garlic,” wrote Ernie McKay of Osburn, Idaho. “I’m not allowed to use it, however, without adult supervision (wife).”

He once used so much that cooking fumes vented by the kitchen’s exhaust fan prompted a neighbor to call and suggest that McKay didn’t need to add any more garlic to whatever dish he was preparing.

Tom Boden shared his culinary rules of thumb.

“1) If a recipe calls for one clove of garlic, that means three is about right.

“2) If it tastes like it’s missing something, add more garlic.”

Edward Morris is on the same wavelength. “When a recipe calls for a clove, I always favor a bulb instead.”

And Linda Karr said the sign on her husband’s art studio says it all: “Good Friends, Good Wine and anything with Garlic.”

But some have to carefully monitor their intake, and not because of the aroma or breath implications.

“Too much causes an allergic reaction to my lips where I look as though I have had collagen injections,” said Trudi Brown.

Some might say that’s a small price to pay for enjoying the tangy goodness of garlic.

Most amusing Web address: Several readers noted The Elk Public House’s

Naked fishing (without any unpleasantness involving hooks): “I have gone backpacking for the last 20 years on the St. Joe and this year I fell and got drenched,” wrote Greg Jesberger.

He was quite certain that there was no one around for miles.

“So I let my clothes dry on a bush and fished without clothes for at least a half hour. It was overall the most unique part of the trip and very cathartic.”

Today’s Slice question: Who has the loudest cat in the Inland Northwest?

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