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Time for perps to go

It took over five years for a somewhat more truthful side to the Otto Zehm case to be considered by the Spokane Police Department and the city of Spokane. For those of us who have even the basic facts regarding this and have watched the surveillance video, all we can say is it’s about time.

The SPD and city have been towing this baggage of non-truths and whitewash for more than a half decade. The mayor and her team of spokespeople, the chief of police and her team of spokespeople all can now scrape the egg off of their faces and consider a new approach and stop blaming Otto Zehm for the actions of the SPD.

The mayor and police chief inherited this mess. However, their towing of the company line in this has devalued them as independent leaders. Karl Thompson, Jim Nicks and Rocky Treppiedi have “hog-tied” the citizens of the city of Spokane and need to go.

Jeff Duty



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