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Welcome to this week’s news quiz. Try a longer, interactive test (and a chance to win lunch for two at the Davenport Hotel’s Palm Court) at

1. Michele Bachmann won the Republican Iowa Straw Poll last weekend. Since the poll started in 1979, who has won the Iowa straw poll and been elected president the next year?

A. Ronald Reagan

B. George H.W. Bush

C. George W. Bush

D. Reagan and George W. Bush

E. Can’t fool me. All three of these guys did it.

2. Texas is in the middle of the second-worst drought in its recorded history. When was its worst drought?

A. 1917-1919

B. 1928-1936

C. 1940-1944

D. 1949-1957

E. 1972-1977

3. What Major League Baseball player hit his 600th home run last week?

A. New York Yankee Alex Rodriguez

B. Minnesota Twin Jim Thome

C. St. Louis Cardinal Albert Pujols

D. Atlanta Brave Chipper Jones

E. Baltimore Oriole Vladimir Guerrero

4. A capybara was sighted in a water storage pond in central California. What the heck is a capybara?

A. A 100-pound South American rodent.

B. A Pacific sea bird thought to be extinct for 50 years.

C. An African crocodile large enough to eat dogs and children.

D. A voracious Asian fish that can breathe air, move on land with its fins, and migrate to other bodies of water.

E. A Hawaiian snake that’s a threat to the area’s waterfowl.


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