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THURSDAY, AUG. 25, 2011

Be fair to risk takers

There are two types of workers in America. They are the risk takers and the non-risk takers. Most of us fall into the latter category. We prefer getting a monthly paycheck with as few worries as possible. Most of the risk takers own a small business. I have heard it said that 70 percent of the jobs in America come from small businesses.

There seems to be a growing perception on the part of non-risk takers (and those out of work) that the risk takers, many who have risked everything they own to become successful, should be required to share their earnings with non-risk takers. Where is the fairness in that?

Small businesses and large corporations hire with the assumption that new employees will make money for the company. If new employee costs are too high, it is unlikely they will hire. The “rich” have the option of non-risk investments.

If new employee costs are too high, they have no incentive to put their money at risk. Giving incentives to risk takers adds to the probability that they will hire. (Obviously, increasing taxes and employee benefits will discourage job hiring.)

If you were one of the so called “rich,” would you think it to be reasonable to be paying higher taxes when 50 percent of Americans pay none?

Gene Sivertson


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