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Possible sale upsetting

Needless to say, there are many local and out-of-area persons extremely upset about the very real possibility of Camp Easton being sold to Discovery Land Co. Tearing up this beautiful camp to make one more playground for the elite is an insult to society.

Apparently, this is happening to select Boy Scouts of America Camps throughout the nation. This is not only a detrimental move toward the future of Scouting, but a kick in the face to the thousands upon thousands, probably millions, who have donated their time, land and monies to these camps.

If the few CEOs making these decisions do not see the importance to everyone for keeping these camps, especially one like Camp Easton, which is considered the premium Boy Scout Camp in the nation, then is it little wonder the nation as a whole is sliding into a new low level of morality and responsibility.

The message being sent to every Scout and person – money does talk, and tradition, honesty and fairness are no longer important.

Bev Twillmann

Harrison, Idaho


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