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Two CV school union contracts have pay cuts

The Central Valley School Board approved collective bargaining agreements with the classified and principals’ unions, which include salary cuts.

Human Resources Director Neva Ringwald told the board Monday the Public School Employees (classified staff) contract includes a 1.9 percent salary cut. The contract also calls for $1 increases in meal reimbursements for drivers on trips; allowing employees to fill temporary positions without having to leave their current positions permanently; and allowing the district to carry over professional development funds up to $50,000 to the next school year.

“I would like to acknowledge the sacrifice of the employees coming together for the sake of the kids,” said school board Chairman Keith Clark.

In the principals’ union contract, employees agreed to a 3 percent salary cut.

“We came together in response to the difficult challenges that we face,” said Superintendent Ben Small, noting the sacrifices the community has made in tough economic times.

“We recognize the economic times we are dealing with,” said Gordon Grassi, president of the principals’ association.

He said the principals will now be required to have smartphones to use while doing their walk-throughs of classrooms in order to update information in the district’s system. The district will allow a one-time-only allowance of $100 to purchase the phones and a $25 monthly allowance to cover data charges.

The board also approved the budget for the 2011-12 school year. Jan Hutton, executive director of finance, told the board the district has seen some impact from the state cuts – an increase in the pension rates, suspension of cost-of-living raises, a 1.9 percent cut to the state allotment for both classified and certificated employees, and a 3 percent cut to the state allotment for administrators are among the cuts. The district will also see increased funding for schools with more than 50 percent free and reduced lunch students, of which there are six in Central Valley, an increase in maintenance supply and operations funding and in transportation funding.

The total budget for all funds for the district will be $124.81 million.