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Mutual respect on roads

When Richard Haste shared his thoughts on bicyclists, he left me with the impression that he doesn’t personally know any bicycle enthusiasts. Unless the bicycle riders are underage, they most likely also own and operate a motor vehicle and they do pay their share of taxes, fees and insurance premiums.

They are not getting a “free ride.” The vast majority are responsible adults who are gainfully employed. They choose to ride bicycles because they want to conserve gasoline, reduce pollution and maintain physical strength, resulting in a healthier lifestyle. Shouldn’t we all strive for those goals?

A mature person knows that they are responsible for their attitude. Instead of being annoyed at the bicyclist, we can choose to appreciate their efforts in these areas and recognize that the bicyclist is contributing to society in a positive way.

I think Mr. Haste’s remarks were a little “Hastey.” We can all agree that some motor vehicle drivers and some bicycle riders are discourteous and forget the “rules of the road,” but with patience and mutual respect, we can make our roads safe for everyone.

Joyce Henry



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