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Support for Murray

I was quite irritated when I read the Aug. 16 column by Michelle Malkin concerning Sen. Patty Murray. I cannot disagree with her more, because I feel that Sen. Murray is doing a wonderful job for the state of Washington as well as for the country.

By bringing money into the state for what Malkin calls “pork pet projects” she has brought money into the state as well as created jobs for those who are unemployed. She has also done much for our veterans who have served our country bravely and now need our help as they deal with the effects of war and unemployment.

With so many people unemployed it means that they have no health care insurance and many of them are in need of decent housing. The fact that Sen. Murray is not willing to compromise Medicare and Medicaid is a tribute to her concern for the American people, especially the people of Washington whom she represents.

Like her, I feel that the ultrawealthy and large corporations need to pay their fair share to overcome our debt. Sen. Murray, you have my support.

Sue A.Orlowski



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