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Rethink postal closing

I am disturbed by the announcement of the closure of the post office branch in the downtown historic building. This community has been attempting to encourage residential living in the downtown area, has remodeled buildings into living quarters and improved hotel accommodations to achieve that goal. A part of the importance of a community is to retain its cultural and historical identity.

The reason given for closure is “need to show we’re able to cut costs.” At what cost? The article states that $2.3 million was spent to improve the facility in 2009. How much will be saved by building a different facility and what will be the difference in costs saved in the next years?

I can understand moving the delivery and route trucks out of the area because of the traffic congestion. But the convenience to downtown residents is not being considered in relation to its historic setting. I do not believe this action should be allowed before there is much more discussion in the community.

Sometimes the “bottom line” does not jibe with the priority of good judgment!

John P. Rodkey



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