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Vote your beliefs

To anyone out there who is willing to fight the government for what is going on right now: I do not care if you are a Republican or a Democrat, what is going on right now has to stop if you want our country to survive.

Also, if you are for Obama or not, we do have to get our congressmen and senators to know that we are not going to keep putting up with their nonsense, as they are only interested in themselves and trying to get Obama out of office.

I am not saying I am for what Obama is doing, but he is our president and we should support our president.

I would encourage others to vote according to what you believe and not the party that you claim represents you. What is going on right now with the stock market and the U.S. credit rating right now is dragging the country down and ruining a lot of people’s savings. Things of this nature are what destroy the country that was built on people helping each other and not the attitude of “I have mine and the hell with everyone else.”

I agree this country has to address its debt problem, but cutting jobs and laying this on the middle class is not the answer. Everyone must share the burden.

Anita Robinson

Liberty Lake


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