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SUNDAY, AUG. 28, 2011

Are you a news junkie? Try your hand at this week’s quiz. For a longer test, and a chance to win lunch for two at the Davenport Hotel, go to /newsquiz.

1. Hurricane Irene hit the eastern United States this weekend, the first hurricane but ninth named storm of the Atlantic season. Which of the following has not been the name of a tropical storm this year?

A. Cindy

B. Don

C. Gert

D. Francis

E. Harvey

2. NASA activated the first human-like robot in space last week. What’s it called?

A. Robonaut

B. Destiny

C. Cosmos-2011

D. Asterdroid


3. A member of the public was ejected from a Spokane City Council meeting last Monday night for using what word?

A. “Crook,” to describe Mayor Mary Verner

B. “Corrupt,” to describe a city official

C. “Murder,” to describe the death of Otto Zehm

D. “Blowhard,” to describe Council President Joe Shogan

E. None of the above. Council meetings are such models of decorum that no one ever gets ejected.

4. Six workers at the Hanford Nuclear Reservation quit last week rather than do what?

A. Take pay cuts mandated for all federal contract employees

B. Work in a cleanup zone where another worker died of plutonium exposure

C. Wear new protective gear their union says is unsafe

D. Submit to drug tests for marijuana use

E. Produce documentation that they are U.S. citizens

Check your work

Find the answers and last week’s winner on Page B7

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