In brief: 7-year-old thrown overboard

TUESDAY, AUG. 30, 2011

SANTA ANA, Calif. – A California man was arrested for investigation of throwing his crying 7-year-old son into the water from a sightseeing cruise boat during an argument that shocked other passengers, authorities said Monday.

Sloane Briles, 35, was taken into custody for child endangerment and resisting arrest, Orange County sheriff’s spokesman Jim Amormino said.

“The father hit him several times and then threatened to throw him overboard if he didn’t stop crying,” Amormino said. “The crowd on the boat became very angry at the father for hitting the kid and extremely angry when he threw him overboard.”

Authorities said Briles appeared to have been drinking.

Staff members on the tour boat said Briles told the boy he needed to toughen up, then threw him into the water five feet below, said Charlie Maas, who oversees the tour company.

Someone on the boat threw the boy a life ring, and he was rescued by another boater. The father also jumped in.

Both the boy and his brother were returned to the care of their mother.

Polygamist Jeffs put in coma

HOUSTON – Polygamist sect leader Warren Jeffs was hospitalized Monday in a medically induced coma in critical condition after fasting in the weeks since receiving a life sentence for sexually assaulting underage followers he took as spiritual brides, officials said.

The 55-year-old head of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints was expected to survive, an official familiar with Jeffs’ medical condition told the Associated Press. It was not clear how long Jeffs – who has a history of refusing to eat while incarcerated – would remain in the coma or how long he would be hospitalized, the official said.

Nurse may have spread HIV

MADISON, Wis. – A Madison-based clinic says a former employee may have exposed hundreds of patients to blood-borne diseases such as HIV.

Dean Clinic issued a statement Monday saying the former worker inappropriately used insulin demonstration pens and finger stick devices while training patients between 2006 and this year. The clinic says it began contacting 2,345 patients by phone and letter on Monday and will take responsibility for testing them to see if they’ve been exposed to any diseases.

The clinic’s chief medical officer, Dr. Mark Kaufman, said the nurse is a certified diabetic educator. She trained newly-diagnosed diabetics on how to inject insulin and test blood sugar levels.

Man impaled self with shears

TUCSON, Ariz. – Hospital officials say an 86-year-old Arizona man is lucky to be alive after he accidentally impaled himself with pruning shears.

University Medical Center said Monday that Leroy Luetscher, of Green Valley, was working in his yard on July 30 when he dropped a pair of pruning shears, which landed point-side down in the ground.

When Luetscher went to pick them up, he fell face-down on the handle. The handle penetrated his eye socket and went down into his neck, resting on the external carotid artery.

Luetscher was rushed to the hospital, where surgeons removed the shears and rebuilt his orbital floor with metal mesh, saving his eye.

Doctors say Luetscher still has slight swelling in his eyelids and minor double vision but has otherwise recovered.

Actor tests positive for HIV

LOS ANGELES – An adult film performer has tested positive for HIV, causing porn producers to shut down shoots in Southern California as the diagnosis is confirmed through re-testing, an industry group said.

Free Speech Coalition executive director Diane Duke told the Los Angeles Times on Monday that her group became aware of the HIV case Saturday.

If the initial case is confirmed, the group will ask two generations of the person’s sexual partners to get tested, meaning those who had sex with the performer and the sexual partners of those who had sex with the performer.

Officials hope to catch grizzly

BILLINGS, Mont. – Wildlife agents were trying to capture a grizzly bear in Yellowstone National Park on Monday after it killed a Michigan hiker in the second fatal bear attack this summer at the famed park.

The body of John Wallace, 59, was discovered Friday in a backcountry area known for its high population of bears. An autopsy concluded he died from injuries sustained in a bear attack.

Rangers have set traps with the intent to capture and kill the bruin. Its guilt would be established through DNA analysis.


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