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Adopt a pet

In these hard times, there is much need and we often feel there’s not much we can do to help. Nevertheless, there are still local arenas for lending a hand and one in particular to focus on: the Humane Society.

I’m not asking people to donate money, or even time, but to think of opening their homes to a new family member.

The Humane Society not only keeps animals from running rampant in our streets but provides basic medical care to prevent the spread of disease and uncontrolled population growth. This is a service that would be greatly missed if absent from our society. When you adopt an animal, your money is directed right back into this community, which, I think, we can all agree is a good practice.

There are few, if any, among us who haven’t experienced the joy of direct interaction with animals. Arguably, if everyone owned an animal that brought him/her joy, we could make this a happier world, starting with ourselves. Over the course of my life, I’ve adopted three cats and two dogs and plan to continue this practice throughout my life.

Please join me in enriching our community and our personal lives.

Courtney Hudson

Fairchild Air Force Base


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