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Spokane Valley woman falls victim to scam

THURSDAY, DEC. 1, 2011, 8:04 P.M.

An elderly Spokane Valley woman apparently fell victim to a recent scam.

The woman told investigators last week a man knocked on her door and told her he liked to help people, according to the Spokane Valley Police Department. He and a friend then cleared some yard debris from her roof.

They then demanded she pay $200, though she said she never asked to have the work done and it wasn’t completed. However, she said she was frightened and reluctantly paid the man cash after he told her he was leaving town and needed it immediately.

They left in a red 1998 Chevy van with a grey stripe and the word Gladiator written on the side. The first man is described as black, 6’5”, about 210 pounds and in his mid- to late-40s. The second man is described as white, 5’11” and 35 to 45 years old with light brown, braided hair.

Anyone with information about the two men or who feels they may have been the victim of a scam is asked to contact Deputy Hirzel at (509) 477-3364.


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