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Resist those impulses

There are numerous reasons for impulse buying (Nov. 26 article). One of the strongest is vulnerability to pitches. I have sold insurance, real estate and retail items, including jewelry, housewares and toys. In each case, a rehearsal pitch or series of selling points is involved. The salesperson wants to create the illusion of dissatisfaction with what one has and the feeling that his product or service will fill the bill and make the buyer feel better.

In truth, impulse buying sets a pattern and leads many to avoid dealing honestly with their problems. It may also lead to the instant need for upgrades, replacements and faster equipment.

It often stems from competition with peers or seeking to copy one’s parents. We are so gullible that we often follow leaders who turn out to be scoundrels.

The solution of course is to be able to resist. I have wrestled with this too. But the more times you do resist, the easier it is to do.

Victor Buksbazen



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