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The Slice: Tat’s all you need to know about love

Laura Cummings could not help overhearing.

A young newlywed was seated at a nearby table in a Spokane Valley restaurant last week. That person was telling her lunch partner, an older female co-worker, all about marital bliss.

“I had my wedding date tattooed on my foot,” the young woman said at one point, slipping off a shoe to display it.

Fine. It’s 2011. What are you going to do?

But the report didn’t end there.

Said the newlywed, “I left some room underneath in case it doesn’t work out. I can add ‘RIP’ and the date.”

She didn’t appear to be joking.

Ah, romance. Let’s all sing, “Love, shiny and new …”

The casualness of this floored Cummings.

It makes you wonder about the vows at those recent nuptials.

Maybe “Till death do us part or until a follow-up tat is required.”

Name game: My colleague Jon Etherton thinks he might have a solution to the North Idaho/Northern Idaho debate.

“Perhaps we could take a tip from New York and start calling it ‘Upstate Idaho,’ ” he said.

What to call Spokane residents: Chris Olivieri goes with “Spokanies.”

Signs of the times: A reader named Alison on the South Hill felt so badgered by proselytizers of a certain denomination that she finally resorted to putting a small sign on her front door. It politely spells out her lack of interest in talking to them.

She reports that she has not been invited to renounce her Presbyterian faith once since then.

So now she wonders. What other problem behaviors could a courteous but direct sign correct?

“Your readers might have good ideas,” she said.

They might indeed.

Today’s Slice question: Got a note from author/professor Bill Stimson. “My 26-year-old daughter lives in San Diego — she loves sunshine,” he wrote. “But she won’t stay away at Christmas. Like Irving Berlin and Bing Crosby, she thinks Christmas means snow.”

How many other people around here have parents, children or siblings in warm-weather locales who miss Spokane at this time of year?

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