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THURSDAY, DEC. 8, 2011

Bad example for children

The photo on page A6 of the Nov. 15 Spokesman-Review is a terrible example adults set for children. Marriage never has and never will be a union of two persons of the same gender. No matter how official a certificate appears between two men or two women, no marriage exists. Pop singer Elton John does not have a husband inasmuch as talk show host Ellen DeGeneres has a wife.

Nancy Woods and Jana Simpson, along with all other gay and lesbian partners, are involved in an immoral and perverted lifestyle. With these children cheering that Washington could be the seventh state to allow so-called same-sex marriage, the wrong message is sent to them.

They should be taught that heterosexuality is the only acceptable lifestyle and the relationship between the two women is not OK. It is also unfair to these children that they are growing up without a father in their lives.

Yes, the institution of marriage is being assaulted and must be defended.

Patrick Kirlin

Spokane Valley

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