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Need doctor-patient model

Last night, I had a dream that my doctor was having an identity crisis. I woke up still thinking about it.

I am old enough to remember a day when patients and doctors had a more intimate relationship than that of a cursory exam once a year. My family lived in Mexico for a while. There was no medical insurance and very few government regulations. Our doctor made house calls and was a family friend. We had many medical crises when we were there, and our doctor was always there for us when we needed him. He saw many patients that couldn’t afford him and paid nothing. He wasn’t poor. His standard of living was high for a Mexican citizen, so it didn’t hurt him.

I get the impression that many American doctors suffer from a disconnected attitude. Humans are social animals who need to feel connected to each other. We need our doctors, and they need us. Can’t we agree to a relationship that works for both of us? Can we leave the government and the insurance companies out of that relationship?

Candy Frankel



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