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Slogan for the pastor

So, for Pastor Steve Massey, the Occupy movement is an ungrateful mob of thieves who “refuse to take personal responsibility,” thereby demonstrating “a primal expression of sinfulness.”

Massey might consider the words of a pastor who wrote: “To give others our leftovers, what we can easily spare, is not a godly love. God gave his best, not his leftovers.”

But when Massey wrote those words earlier this year, he apparently meant them in a limited context. So, on the Saturday before Thanksgiving, he criticizes the “sinfulness” of those who favor some higher tax rates – like those we had under supposed conservative hero (and apparent thieving sinner) President Ronald Reagan.

Still, how Christian of Massey to explain sin to the many pastors involved in the Occupy movement, while further demonstrating the hypocritical view of conservative Christians who want religion to have more influence on our politics – unless, of course, the influence means that government somehow engages in the sort of behavior actually called for and demonstrated by Christ.

And because Massey worries that the Occupy slogan he so generously provided might not fit on a T-shirt, I’ll offer him one that will: “Mark 12:30-31.”

Feel free to look it up, Steve.

Jim McPherson



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