Cougs throw away $600,000

SUNDAY, DEC. 11, 2011

Wow!  The Governor and Legislature are trying to cut billions from the state budget. This will probably mean more cuts in the safety net, less money for schools and increased taxes.

But what do our “cow college” leaders do?  Throw $600,000 down the Palouse toilet.

The governor, Legislature and the Board of Regents should fire Bill Moos and President (Elson) Floyd for their lack of budget sense.

They could have kept Paul Wulff one more year for nothing. They might have lost a couple of football games, but who really cares when it is compared to the school teachers, firefighters and Basic Health clients that could have been saved?

No wonder WSU is at the bottom of the conference. This kind of leadership takes them to a new level of “sucktitude”.

Carl McMinimy



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