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Driving drunk unacceptable

Here we go again, two teenagers dead due to an alcohol-related crash. Newspapers, local news and peers talk about teenagers getting in car accidents due to the intake of alcohol. While some may say it will never happen to them, driving while drunk is unacceptable for anyone because it takes lives and it’s illegal.

Even though it’s illegal, people still drive drunk, and the number of teenagers dying from poor decisions under the influence of alcohol has increased greatly.

For a teen, driving between 1 a.m. and 5 a.m. in the first six months of having a license is illegal, because during this time over 3,000 teenagers die each year due to driving under the influence.

The DUI laws need to be tougher. There need to be more responsible teens, and poor decisions must be stopped.

Even though people will not stop, driving drunk behind the wheel is not acceptable because teenagers keep dying.

Sarah Giadone



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