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That’s News to you answers

Sun., Dec. 11, 2011

Following are the answers to this week’s quiz:

1. B. Al-Saadi Gadhafi and three relatives were allegedly going to be smuggled into an oceanfront estate in Mexico.

2. C. Scientists say there are five – three in the northeast corner of the state, one in the Methow Valley and one in Kittitas County.

3. D. The SETI Institute says Kepler-22b is about 600 light years away, between the constellations Vega and Cygnus.

4. A. Babbitt stepped down as head of the FAA after being arrested for DUI.

5. D. The alliance is suing over the planned removal of ponderosa pines near City Park on Rosenberry, which the corps says have to come out because they may weaken dikes. Some studies suggest trees sometimes strengthen dikes.

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Last week’s winner: Ryan Burkey.

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