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Wulff given short shrift

Poor Paul Wulff. He didn’t stand a chance once Bill Moos stepped on campus. He had a target on his back from day one.

On Saturday, Nov. 26, the Cougars lose and it is announced Moos would meet with Wulff on Sunday. On Sunday, it is announced that they would meet again on Monday. On Tuesday, it is announced that Coach Wulff has been fired. On Wednesday, it is announced that Mike Leach has been hired to coach the Cougs for $2.2 million.

Now how do you not have your mind made up on Monday and hire a new coach by Wednesday? Especially for a cool $2.2 million. Were the lawyers up all night Tuesday reading the contract, dotting the I’s and crossing the T’s? Were negotiations going on all night or was this a done deal? I think so. At least Paul Wulff’s integrity is intact.

Jim Hirning

Sagle, ID


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