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Cops protect and serve

In reference to Mr. Chuck Armsbury’s Dec. 10 letter, “Other jobs more dangerous,” it is true that statistically many other jobs are more dangerous than the profession of law enforcement. (The particular article he quotes puts it at No. 11, while many more, including one published by The Spokesman-Review, rank it higher.)

I have friends and family that are or have been employed in many of these other dangerous professions, and I respect the risks that they take. However, it must be pointed out that almost half of the deaths in law enforcement are the result of homicide. This very week alone, five officers died as a result of gunfire: one while making an arrest, three were ambushed and shot in separate incidents, and another died from injuries sustained after being shot over 25 years ago.

These officers died performing the job that they did indeed choose: to protect and serve you and me.

Kevin King



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