December 20, 2011 in Letters, Opinion

Murray’s bigotry not isolated


Sen. Patty Murray has stated the Congress would be better able to deal with the country’s budget problems if there were more women legislators. Voters had a chance to add two Republican women in 2010, in Delaware and Nevada, but the senator opposed their election.

What she meant was liberal Democratic women. But there is more here than shallow political posturing. Underlying the senator’s statement is the attitude that the only authentic women are leftists. She is unwilling to grant that individuals belonging to certain groups, women, blacks, gays, can think independently.

By making “tribal” affiliation more important than an individual’s unique humanity, the senator dehumanizes and delegitimizes those who do not share her world view. The widespread hatred and contempt voiced by the left for Clarence Thomas, Sarah Palin or Marco Rubio show that Murray’s bigotry is not an isolated case.

Bill Manuel


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