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TUESDAY, DEC. 20, 2011

Ramirez bashers delusional

On Dec. 11, I saw the fourth letter bashing Michael Ramirez’s cartoon comparing the Occupy Movement with the tea party. I see many of this type of letters from out-of-touch liberals. While these people are in denial that Ramirez’s cartoon was very accurate (a thorough news check of the past few months would confirm it), the reality is that we are constantly bombarded with false and half-truth cartoons attacking conservatives and Republicans.

Members of the tea party know it quite well. The irony of the first published letter was that above it was an obvious lefty cartoon depicting Republicans shooting themselves in the head with its presidential nomination process. These propagandists have no interest in presenting anything done by conservatives or Republicans accurately or positively.

Liberals early on have compared the Occupy Movement with the tea party but with a positive spin on the Occupy Movement. What appears to upset liberals is that a true comparison, most accurately portrayed by Ramirez, not only shows who most of the hard-core members of the Occupy Movement really are, but one difference between the values of conservatives and liberals.

The anti-Ramirez letters also show the level of denial these liberals hold.

Jay Logan


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