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Response to Amy Goodman

Amy Goodman’s “Polluters taint climate talks” (Dec. 9) overlooks the main cause of pollution attributable to man, namely overpopulation. The world’s population has grown exponentially from less than a billion in the middle of the 19th century to our current 7-plus billion with projections it will hit 8 billion within the next 14 years.

Each of these humans requires clean air to breathe, potable water to drink and food to eat. They also require shelter from the elements. These same humans exhale carbon dioxide, and pass liquid and solid wastes in proportion to their intake and consume additional organic and inorganic products to protect themselves from the elements.

There are finite limits to all of the resources we as humans consume. We are approaching those limits in at least the water resources worldwide, and in food production (one person dies of starvation every 3.6 seconds).

The time has come to look at the true cause of world climate change, namely man’s “go forth and multiply” mentality, and to make a concerted effort through education and example to bring the world’s population into balance with the available basic resources needed for human survival.

Richard F. Creed

Sagle, Idaho


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