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Walther defies union

The attacks by this paper on Jennifer Walther are examples of the dangerous influence the Washington Education Association has on our culture, and the media in particular. The biased reporting and lack of fact-checking clearly indicates reporters and editors who are being manipulated.

I have known Jennifer Walther and her husband for many years. Her integrity is beyond reproach. I have participated in discussions in her home with liberals as well as conservatives. As a moderate conservative, I have always been impressed with her even-handedness, fairness and willingness to hear all opinions and ideas. To call her dedication to her students’ learning as some sort of agenda is at best irresponsible, at worst slanderous.

This is nothing more than a union and administration striking out at an amazing teacher who gets great results with her students, who refuses to kowtow to the WEA’s ludicrous demands of lockstep behavior.

If you doubt that our public education system is broken and beyond repair, this action by the newspaper with the WEA operating the puppet strings to make Jennifer’s life as miserable as possible clearly demonstrates education’s failure to focus on educating children.

Please don’t believe everything you read in this newspaper.

Joe Mann

Spokane Valley


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