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The Slice: You can’t help but trust those who eat oatmeal daily

I have this theory.

You can count on people who eat oatmeal every morning.

And if they have it with raisins and a little brown sugar, even better.

This applies mostly to those who eat oatmeal for breakfast all year, but people who have it only during winter can also be trusted.

Let’s move on.

RE: BIRTHDAYS OVERSHADOWED BY CHRISTMAS: “My thought is that the length of time where Christmas affects the birthday is asymmetrical,” wrote my friend Dave Whipple, who celebrates his next week. “I can say this because I think that Christmas trumps a birthday in a big way. Someone with their day prior to Christmas can’t be ignored, even if the event is muted. But someone (like me) with their day after Christmas gets lots of presents under the tree that say, ‘PS Happy Birthday too’ or something equivalent.”

SLICE ANSWER: “If I had magical powers, I would give Spokane jobs,” wrote Diane Folland. “Lots and lots of stable, more than minimum wage, long-term, great for community growth jobs.”

BOXING DAY: I realize the occasion has nothing to do with pugilism.

But my father used to love to tell the story of these two guys from his little hometown who went down to New York City for the Joe Louis/Max Schmeling rematch in the summer of 1938.

I’ve read that the bout had what was, at least then, the largest radio audience ever.

Anyway, by the time the pair from my father’s town had made it to their seats at Yankee Stadium and gotten situated, the fight was over.

And the Nazis’ poster boy for Aryan superiority was on the canvas.

It was a confusing day for American racists.

SPEAKING OF THE DAY AFTER A BIG DAY: Should someone in Spokane come up with a special theme for the Monday after Father’s Day?

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TODAY’S SLICE QUESTION: Did you spend part of Sunday visiting with distant relatives or friends via a Web camera hookup?

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