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Support for Jennifer Walther

I read the Dec. 15 article “District Investigating Ferris Political Debate.” I write in support of Jennifer Walther as an educator and person.

I graduated from Ferris in 2007. There, I was fortunate enough to have Walther as my honors/AP English teacher as a freshman and as a senior. I thought she was a great teacher then, but as I continued my education, at the University of Washington and now at Gonzaga Law, I realize she is an outstanding teacher.

At the time, I firmly believed reading Shakespeare’s “Hamlet” or Harper Lee’s “To Kill a Mockingbird” was pointless, and to then make me write intelligently about them was a greater injustice than Hamlet’s demise, or Tom Robinson’s conviction. However, Walther taught me how to incorporate the stories and writing techniques into my life.

I believe the ability to bring an appreciation for English to adolescents who have no desire to learn such things is a gift. I further believe the ability to motivate students to appreciate those skills on their own is an even greater gift. Taking Walther out of the classroom would be robbing this city’s youth of an opportunity to be taught by the best of the best.

John D. Cadagan



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