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Walther a scapegoat

I find it remarkable that when elections don’t quite go the way the incumbent politicians wish there must be something foul in the air. I applaud Jennifer Walther for her ability to bring another perspective to the political arena which is not at all welcome in our current educational structure and certainly not supported by the unions, our national, state or local politicians. Our kids need to know and understand the differences between liberalism and conservatism.

Our Spokane school superintendent stated that “We expect that any teacher in the Spokane public schools would not use the classroom for his or her own political or religious ideologies.” I would suggest that the superintendent attend some of the classes in her district to determine whether a teacher such as Jennifer Walther is an anomaly in our school system or someone who follows her convictions and beliefs and only wants students to walk away with an understanding of their place in society.

Good job, Jennifer Walther.

Brad Hunter



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