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The Anna Weber murder case took another swerve when the prosecutor released her sister Elizabeth, 17, from custody after 48 hours, concluding that she had no further information to impart.

Meanwhile, her brother Leo, 20, was still required to report in to the police station every day to make sure he didn’t flee to the family’s native Austria. Leo said he never intended to “skin out” for Austria.

He also said he had nothing new to tell police.

“They keep asking me questions about our home life, and when I tell them things that might help them in the case they tell me that I am just telling stories, like the rest of the family,” said Leo.

He said his family’s “consciences are just as clear as the sun.”

In fact, the prosecutor agreed, saying that “the family appear to be telling the truth entirely.” This was in stark contrast to the police, who clearly continued to believe that the family was withholding key information.

An attorney for the family said he was convinced that “much of the present trouble between the police and the Webers has been because the elder Webers do not speak the English language understandingly.”

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