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Thu., Feb. 3, 2011

Time is now to vote for schools and Spokane

I hate taxes.  Hate ’em.  Years ago, I was an intern in California, and even though I was close to the poverty line, Uncle Sam and The Terminator took a hefty chunk of my measly income each month.  It was enough to make me want to move back to the darkest, rainiest corner of Washington to avoid extra taxes. 

As much as I hate seeing part of my paycheck disappear immediately each month though, there are two exceptions to my tax hatred: getting a good deal and putting that money toward community pillars like schools. 

Right now construction is cheap. Plus, if this bond gets passed, the state will kick in $32.8 million toward the Central Valley School District project and $31.8 million toward the Mead School District plan. We have an opportunity to improve the community, and the timing is right to maximize value.

Whether you have kids or not, solid local schools benefit the community, too.  Nice schools mean families finding not only Mead and the Valley desirable places to live, but also Spokane.  More families moving to the area means more money is going to be spent at local businesses. Money being spent at local businesses means – hey, local benefit!  Besides economic gain, there’s the cachet of being a sought-after region to live in. Sure this is anecdotal, but strong local schools are a piece of a healthy and vibrant community.

Look, taxes stink, but if we’re going to pay them, we might as well be sure we get the best return on them as possible: cheaper costs, money from the state, and improved community vitality.  I don’t even have kids, but as a member of this community, I know we all can benefit from taking advantage of approving these bonds now.

Maybe if the Governator could’ve shown me that that my taxes were going toward something local and worthwhile, I never would’ve left California?  Nah, Cali can’t hold a candle to Spokane.

Steve Hitchcock


Well-wishers’ card collection planned for ill poet

Milton Taylor, champion Australian Bush poet who has for the past decade performed throughout the area at various venues and schools, is now hospitalized in Queensland with a serious illness.

The Budding Rose Art Gallery, 510 S. Whitman Ave. in Rosalia, Wash., where Milton has performed for the last 10 years, is now collecting get well cards from his fans, to send to Queensland in one big mailing.

Please help by mailing cards to:

Budding Rose Art Gallery, Milton Taylor Group Mailing, P.O. Box 347, Rosalia, WA 99170-0347.

Diane and Jim Nebel



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