The Slice: Packers, Steelers? Too hard to choose

For those in our midst who have lived in both Packers Country and Steelers Land, feelings about the upcoming Super Bowl can be all over the map.

“I was born, raised and lived in Wisconsin for 26 years,” wrote Spokane’s Cindy Christensen. “I also lived in beautiful Pittsburgh for five years. I’m torn on whom to root for but leaning toward the Packers. I have family/friends in both states.”

Nancy Hanlon lived in Pennsylvania until the age of 6. But she wound up marrying a “Cheesehead” and resided in Wisconsin prior to moving to Spokane 11 years ago.

“Definitely rooting for the Packers,” she wrote.

Tom Nash grew up north of Pittsburgh and he has been a Steelers fan for ages. He also lived in Wisconsin for five years, which led to him rooting for the Packers – except when they play the Steelers: “In a direct matchup, it’s no contest.”

Marty Ruf spent childhood years in both Wisconsin and the Pittsburgh area. “I feel like both teams represent a hard-working American spirit and wish them both luck.”

Re: Sunday’s Slice: “My dog also ate $200 (ours went to the Bank of America),” wrote Sue Fischer.

“I am happy to report that U.S. currency is surprisingly tough. The first $160 came up like a giant hairball. It just needed to be washed off – it was well coated with grass and stomach juice – and pieced back together.

“The last $40 made it through the whole system, again just needing to be washed and pieced back together. Fortunately people in our house like jigsaw puzzles.

“We ended up with all the pieces of 10 twenty dollar bills. The tellers at the bank were gracious about exchanging it.”

Survey says: The Slice heard from a handful of gun owners who definitely do not endorse all of the NRA’s public policy positions.

“How many people go to church and believe/follow every commandment or 100 percent side with their political party?” wrote Greg Schlatter.

Today’s Slice question: Which of your behaviors has your friends and family talking about staging an intervention?

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