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Wake up to stage message

In response to Jack Abel’s comments (Letters, Jan. 27), I applaud Best of Broadway’s decision to bring “Spring Awakening” to Spokane. I’m only sorry the INB Center wasn’t full.

About mistaking it for an “Easter play,” didn’t you read Jim Kershner’s preview on Jan. 14? If not, the logo of legs entwined should have informed you that this was not a biblical passion play, but a play about human passion.

Maybe the soft-porn aspect was a little much, but Melchior’s whole point – and that of the original playwright Frank Wedekind in 1891 – is that making sex taboo is harmful. So you “see” the act and the realities of every person who is trying to come to terms with puberty.

You don’t agree, I guess, and that’s your prerogative, but please don’t dismiss it out of hand. It made you think; it qualifies as art.

As for “where is Andrew Lloyd Webber,” you’ll be happy to know “Cats” will have yet another Spokane life in April, and he’s working on new songs for “The Wizard of Oz.” Hooray for the exciting and new on stage. May I suggest “Next to Normal” for next season?

Janean Jorgensen



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