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Fri., Feb. 4, 2011

Bonds imperil financial future

Much has been said about the two school bond issues due a vote Feb. 8.

Citizens For Responsible Taxation are being vilified as “against children, education and progress.” We believe those against our children’s current and future welfare are those who would approve continuous taxation on already-overtaxed families.

The state is to contribute over $60 million above the total $118.6 million from – in the first year! – the two districts. Washington state has general obligation bond debt of $27.3 billion, with unfunded pension liabilities of $6.6 billion, and unfunded non-pension retirement (health) benefits of $7.9 billion.

CFRT folks have been criticized for not living in either district. Well, don’t all in Spokane County live in this state? That unfunded $14.5 billion will come from every citizen in the state through higher taxes.

Listen to the voice of reason. The November election thundered to politicians: “NO more spending!” Our taxes are mounting. Surely we know the dollar is failing? Further spending is burning the candle at both ends! Let’s wait three to five years to see whether there’s money for improvements.

This is a call for wisdom, sacrifice, love of kids and their right to a debt-free inheritance. Say no to bond-age.

Marilyn J. Montgomery

Treasurer, Citizens for Responsible Taxation


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