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Sat., Feb. 5, 2011

Hands kept off arms

Last Sunday’s letters from J.M. Lyons and Curtis E. Stone were typical, mindless, us-vs.-them gun-control arguments. Anyone that questions their views is a jihadist, lapdog or supporter of abortion. I wonder why they left out God and gays in their demonizing of liberals.

Since Obama was elected, we now have more gun owners and available arms to bear. We also can now carry guns into the national parks to protect against Yogi Bear attacks. So where is the feared liberal gun-control agenda?

The Arizona shooting had nothing to do with gun rights or self-defense. The shooter legally bought his gun and ammo, and Arizona doesn’t require concealed gun permits. Heroic citizens subdued the shooter when he ran out of bullets.

The political question that remains is how to deal with millions of American citizens with mental illnesses that could end in a mass shooting. The NRA’s answer is to arm everyone and shoot them in self-defense. Republicans say to cut spending for mental health programs, while pushing for even more tax cuts that increase debt.

Lyons and Stone have the right to defend themselves and can buy bigger and better guns with their tax cut money.

Pete Scobby


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