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Sun., Feb. 6, 2011

Idaho kids sacrificed

According to the United States Department of Education, Idaho ranked 49th in kindergarten through 12th grade per-pupil funding in 2007. Since that time, Idaho has continued to gut funding support for our children, most notably continued cuts in public schools.

Superintendent of Public Instruction Mr. Tom Luna is now proposing changes to education funding and practices which will have far-reaching negative ramifications for the children of Idaho. The future of Idaho, our children deserve appropriate funding and educational strategies. For Mr. Luna to state that funding will not improve for 10 years in this state is not just disheartening, it is defeating. What businesses would chose to move to Idaho?

The statistics showing completion and success of students in online courses does not bode well for Mr. Luna’s mandate that all students in high school will be required to take virtual learning courses. Student contact with professional educators on a daily basis in a classroom setting has a proven track record of student success. This single proposed mandate will in a rapid fashion prove to be the downfall of thousands of students annually in the state of Idaho.

Bob Celebrezze

Moscow, Idaho

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