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Medical pot provides relief

My sister was in a terrible car accident a few years ago. Her spine was crushed leaving her with severe pain ever since. Her doctors had her on narcotic-based pain medication, which was paid for by her insurance company. She hated the pain and she hated the medication.

Reluctantly (because of the stigma), she qualified for medical marijuana. The results were incredible. She was no longer in constant pain or doped up on narcotics. She was able to go back to work. Her pain medication was no longer a burden to anyone, as she grows her own medication.

I personally never cared for pot, but it sure helps her. The alternative would be for her to be in constant pain (or doped up on narcotics paid for by taxpayers), going on public assistance and taxpayer-funded disability.

I don’t know about other patients, but medical marijuana sure helped my sister, and also helped the taxpayers.

Jerry Rose



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