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Pact won’t restore jobs

The proposed Korea-U.S. trade agreement is not good for the USA! Agreements like this are good for exporting nations; however, we are no longer considered an exporting nation.

Check the trade imbalance for the USA. A large source of government income are from tariffs on imported foreign goods. Most trade agreements lower or indeed eliminate tariffs on goods imported. These tariffs make it possible for our industry to compete against foreign goods’ lower prices.

I spent 30 years of my life in international trade and have seen a change in our exports and imports. We used to export televisions, small appliances, electronic goods, etc., that supported our industries and workers. Now we have seen our factories and manufacturing plants move overseas.

We are losing jobs. Look at unemployment figures. These cannot improve without industry.

We must protect American industry!

The letter written by Christopher Lawrence (Letters, Jan. 30) is right on!

J.R. Cucinotta

Spokane Valley


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