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Public’s highway commandeered

I’m appalled. My state government has authorized a transport company to barricade up to 100 turnouts along Highway 12 so that one of the most profitable (and apparently powerful) corporations in the world can increase their bottom line. And these turnouts can be barricaded 24 hours a day as authorized by the Idaho Transportation Department.

The turnouts are on a public highway which American taxpayers paid for. They are on the Clearwater National Forest and beside congressionally designated wild and scenic rivers. They are where we park to go fishing, hunting, swimming, floating or simply to watch kayaks go through the rapids. We leave our pickups and horse trailers on these turnouts. Truckers stop on them for a break. We count on the turnouts if we have any mechanical problems.

Where’s the Forest Service? Is this even legal? Someone needs to challenge this in court.

Cheryl D. Halverson

Tensed, Idaho


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