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Have we no shame? Survey says yes

THURSDAY, FEB. 10, 2011

This city has been called a lot of names over the years.

But here’s a new one: Spokane is the boldest town in the United States.

At least that’s the finding of a national survey commissioned by a major bourbon distiller. Apparently we were ranked No. 1 partly on the basis of a lot of guys here having tattoos. And then there’s the supposedly illuminating stat that “26 percent have arm-wrestled a stranger.”

Can you feel the pride swelling?

This, of course, is one of those attempts to generate free media exposure for the sponsor of the “study.” But there is one reason to consider the possibility that there might be something to this: Seattle came in at No. 63 in the national ranking of civic boldness. Portland is No. 16.

Spokane – “We’re No. 1!” – edged out Savannah, Ga., and Las Vegas for the top, uh, honor.

Whoo-hoo, as they say.

According to a press release issued Wednesday, more than 10,000 men across the country were interviewed. Apparently women are insufficiently schooled in the boldness arts to be asked. Perhaps they will take that as a compliment.

Other considerations pushing Spokane to the top include the finding that one in three guys here had dated a friend’s ex and 85 percent have grown a mustache. Bold, baby, bold.

But wait. There’s more. Reportedly 59 percent have called in sick when they weren’t and 57 percent have left their job without having another one lined up.

Not convinced of Spokane’s pre-eminent boldness? Well, supposedly 9 percent of Spokane men have dated their boss.

Maybe those bold fellows initiated that after consuming some of the survey sponsor’s product.

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