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Thu., Feb. 10, 2011, midnight

Health care not a right

Chris Norden’s letter (“Right endangers rights,” Feb. 2) is confusing. In it he states, Republican legislators are nullifying his legal right to health care. To be blunt, Chris, you have no right to health care; no one does. You are not affirmed the right to health care from birth to death.

Now, to seek the service of a doctor, you must have a means of paying for such services. Most doctors, in this modern age, will not accept barter (a couple of chickens perhaps) as payment for services. They have to pay high premiums for their insurance (malpractice, etc.); hospitals and associated services all need to be paid.

What I suggest you do, Chris, is to investigate why health care is so expensive in Idaho. Is it because there is no competition between insurance companies? Too many frivolous lawsuits being brought against doctors and hospitals? Maybe it is because of too many federal government regulations and requirements.

What you misstate as a “right” is, to another person, more federal government intrusion into the private lives of the people of the United States of America. How can nullifying states’ rights of the 10th Amendment be right?

Daniel Day


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